At the Center of Support and Care Coordination

Our flagship Pathways to Potential Case Management, Care Coordination, and Inclusion Programs are the core of what we do, and they define our ‘what we do.’ The Pathways team seamlessly coordinates critical care for families on and off campus.


We are a simple phone call or email away! With each outreach our team rises to action, determining client needs and connecting those with the best available support and resources. AND the service is continual. We stay connected to meet changing client needs and evolving provider capabilities. This is literally a life-long relationship.


Pathways engages the entire family unit through our Family Inclusion Programs. These programs serve as an extension of support by offering direct services to our caregivers through our Educational Workshops and support groups, siblings through our Sibling Support Group, and our young adults through Adult Social gatherings. We also offer the whole family a wide array of activities throughout the year including health/wellness and sensory-inclusive events!