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Private Events

Our Campus is Your Canvas… Bring us your vision to build your own exclusive experience. We are far more than just a venue. We provide the allure of a blank slate, that allows for unique, creative and memorable events, that you and your guests will treasure for a lifetime.

We are your personal canvas for any event, weddings, company meetings, corporate retreats, birthday celebrations, luncheons, fundraisers, community gatherings and more!


We had a wonderful experience at the Collaboration Center Ranch here in Las Vegas. We held a day camp program for 50 young adults, living with autism between the ages of 18 and 25. In addition to the 50 campers, we had 40 volunteers with us for a very busy, very active, 12 -hour day.    

  The brand-new facilities that they have built and refurbished over the years have added so much to an already beautiful property. The combination of indoor and outdoor space is so unique and hard to find, when searching for a place to host your event in Las Vegas. Usually when you have an event in the city confines, space is always an issue. There is always limited parking and concerns about occupancy. However, the Collaboration Center Ranch has ample amounts of both – parking is easy and there are almost no restrictions on occupancy due to the size of the venue.   

 The location is convenient and easy to access regardless of where in Las Vegas you are coming from. The Team, who worked with us leading up to, and on the day of the event, were amazing. They were accommodating and responsive, and ensured that we had everything needed to execute a successful program.   

 I would highly recommend hosting your next event at the Collaboration Center Ranch of Las Vegas

Christopher Bache

President, Sunshine Nevada Organization