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We are building a collaborative disability network and support model, which translates into not just access to services, but also, access to HOPE. The concept seems so simple, and yet until now, never put into play. One location – one resource point – and a commitment towards collaboration – to meet the needs of our disability community. 

Collaboration Center is a community for inclusion and a disability resource network focused upon family and peer engagement, social interaction, health and wellness, recreation, therapy, education, and vocational training to enhance the lives of those touched by Intellectual, Developmental, Physical, and Learning Disabilities (ID/DD/PD/LD) of ALL ages.

Our 5-acre campus offers a lifespan of services by partnering with and housing other non-profits, local providers, medical and mental health professionals, and government agencies. We also coordinate client care through our Pathways Care Coordination and Family Inclusion program, on and off campus.