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A Catalyst in Collaboration

It seems only right that we make our first blog post about COLLABORATION. As an organization, we strive to be a catalyst for change. We see that there is a need in the Southern Nevada community to have access to services for those affected by disabilities. When we saw the need, we made the change and the Collaboration Center was born.

However, we could not do it alone. It’s the connection and community that make our campus a well-oiled machine. First, when you drive onto the magnificent ranch, you’re greeted by foliage, trees and a serene landscape. Then, you meet with our Pathways Case management team to talk about the different community resources that can assist your child or family member, for free.

There are also many great care providers with whom we partner, specifically for their abilities to support those within our disability community. What a way to collaborate! While CCF Staff provide Sibling workshops, teens nights out and community resource fairs, our care providers meet with families every day to access needs, assist with Medicaid, connect clients to behavioral therapists and more. It can be tough, but when the village comes together, miraculous things can happen. Collaboration Center is the premiere disability resource network, and we are proud to be leading the way to access for all.

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