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Mychal’s Printing and Embroidery

Mychal's Printing and Embroidery

Collaboration Center at LV Ranch is excited to announce it’s new partnership with Mychal’s Prints and Embroidery to employee adults with disabilities and support our communities.

Mychal’s Printing & Embroidery is the newest addition to the job training and work experience program for young adults with developmental disabilities at Mychal’s Learning Place. Those disabilities can make it difficult to train in most traditional job venues. In fact, studies show that the unemployment rate for those with developmental disabilities is a shocking 85%. That’s why Mychal’s Learning Place began launching its own job ventures where young adults have the opportunity to overcome learning barriers and acquire job skills that let them succeed. Mychal’s Printing & Embroidery represents a great addition to that program. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

You can also visit us directly at