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Connect Through VSee

Providing families with access to services that will help them care for their loved ones with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities is the ultimate goal of the Collaboration Center Foundation. Through Pathways, our case management specialists can help families, caregivers and providers learn about the different resources and funding opportunities available to them.

If you live in rural areas of Nevada or have difficulties with mobility, you can still utilize our Pathways Program! Simply set up an account through VSee, and our experienced case specialists can work with you virtually from your initial consultation to coordinating services. As our partner in telehealth, VSee will provide all the tools, access, navigation, and support you need as our team manages your case.

We want you to know you are not alone if you are living with a disability or caring for someone with a disability. Through our Pathways Program and expert coordination through the VSee telehealth system, we are here to connect you with the best services and support that will promote a life of independence and well-being.

To start on your Pathways Program journey with the Collaboration Center Foundation, complete the form below to set up your VSee account today!

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