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Just as with all things at Collaboration Center, our operating model is also unique! Collaboration Center Foundation will own the Collaboration Center campus and receive tenant income from facility and community partners. The Foundation can then focus efforts to provide the medically necessary case management and wrap-around services.

Facility Partners are those companies and fellow non-profit organizations, that will be housed on the campus. These partners bring with them, their own client base, which can also benefit from our Pathways concierge case management coordination.

However, our partnerships extend beyond those on our future campus. In fact, our partnerships are already in play. They start with our community; with those who sit on our Advisory Council; with those corporate partners who join in to support our mission; with state agencies and educational partners; and with every Nevadan who embraces the need for inclusion.

Partners represent a full range of disabilities, across the entire life-span. To learn more about Partner opportunities, please reach out to us Our doors are open for community collaboration!

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