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Frequently Asked Questions

What role does Collaboration Center play within our community?

Collaboration Center’s vision is to develop a family-centered comprehensive campus that will house providers, agencies and non-profits serving those with different and unique abilities, and their families. It is our sole purpose to create collaborative partnerships from different disciplines.

Who does Collaboration Center Foundation serve?

We serve individuals, peers, and family members living with Intellectual, Developmental and Physical Disabilities (ID/DD/PD) over the lifespan. In other words, we serve those of ALL ages and ALL abilities, in both metropolitan and rural communities across Southern Nevada.

What is the Pathways Program?

Pathways is actually more than a program – it is concierge case management experience! The purpose of Pathways is to guide individuals, family members, caregivers and providers on what resources and funding are available in our community, and at our future campus. Pathways is also the host for inclusive family events, such as sibling social groups and guardian education trainings.

How can I access the services offered through the Pathways Program?

We are always just a click, email or phone call away. CLICK HERE to be taken to our contact page, email us at OR call us at 702.329.3208.

Is there a fee for the Pathways Program?

Absolutely not! Our Pathways concierge service is the integral core to our collaborative model. As a foundation, we look to corporate and individual donors and pursue grant opportunities, so that these needed services can be made available to our community, free of charge.

How can I get involved?

The Collaboration Center model works best through partnerships with all those in our community. Whether you are looking to become active with our Community Advisory Council, volunteer for our programs and events, or donate towards new and innovative programming, there is a meaningful way in which you can join us in collaboration.