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Collaboration Center is a community for inclusion, focused upon family and peer engagement, social interaction, recreation, therapy and education, that was inspired by a passionate father who wanted a place that his son could learn, socialize, and thrive with family, typical peers and others with special abilities in the Southern Nevada community.

Our vision is to develop a family-centered comprehensive campus that will house providers, agencies and non-profits serving those with different and unique abilities, and their families. Collaboration Center will operate as a 501c3 organization owned by the Collaboration Center Foundation, with the sole purpose of creating collaborative partnerships from different service disciplines, serving individuals, peers and family members living with Intellectual, Developmental and Physical Disabilities (I/DD/PD) over the lifespan.

Collaboration Center Foundation will own the Collaboration Center campus and receive tenant income from facility and community partners. This model will then allow the Foundation to focus efforts to provide the medically necessary case management and wrap-around services, so needed by families and providers within our community.  The Center will also act as a community data hub for advocacy work and policy change, and service capacity building to serve the thousands of under-served individuals and families living with the above-mentioned disabilities.

Join the Collaboration

Collaboration Center is a community collaboration project. Currently we are reaching out, with overwhelming interest, to state agencies, the school district, providers, non-profits, advocates and others to ensure that we touch all areas of services bringing the community to one place of TRUE collaboration. We are not built to function any other way.

Collaboration Center will work with collaborative partners to offer the following, and achieve a higher level of social inclusion and greater independence for all we serve:

Treatment and Therapy

Diagnostic, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Behavior Therapy, Physical Therapy, Social Groups, Family and Individual Counseling.

Support Services

Care Coordination and Case Management, Support Groups, Parent Trainings, IEP & Advocacy Services, Transition Services, Sibling Services and more.

Recreation and Community Inclusion Programs

Birthday Parties, Park and Inclusion Playground, Sports Activities, Swim Lessons, Golf Putt Course, Pool Parties, Dances, Game Nights, Movie Nights, Robotic Classes, Lego Building Classes and Other Outings.

Health and Wellness Programs

Exercise Gym and Training, Nutrition Seminars & Counseling, Dance Classes, and Yoga Classes.

Vocational Training

Such as Coffee Cart, Catering, Office Work, Gardening & Landscaping, and Janitorial.

Life Skills

Sensory Friendly Hairs Cuts, Family and Self-Advocate Events, Sibling Events, Swim lessons, and Mock Apartment.

Educational Training and Workshops

Telehealth seminars, parent empowerment trainings, and MUCH MORE!